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Spoonful of Zucker

Whether you can understand German or not, you’ll appreciate Frl. Zucker’s cute blog, and in particular her lovely zine/art project My Girlgang, a celebration of female friendship in both Deutsch and English. frl zuckerFrl. Zucker, aka Maren, and her chums love Chuck Bass, small animals, Bjork, and lots of other things. Most of the blog is in English, and it’s all full of cute, strange artwork – it’s a sweet little slice of youthful German indie feminism (more of which in a future post), and I’ve already bought one of her bags

ETA: The bag arrived from Berlin this morning and it is already my favourite mála. Which is saying something, because, as my spouse can confirm, I have a LOT of bags.

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Is anybody there…..?

Guilt really is a great motivator. l_8cd285eb1e8140e1add2a53993ac45b3Last night three of us Anti-Roomers headed out to the launch of Lash Back, a fantastic new feminist zine from the Lash Back Collective. It was great to see so many people in a cool space celebrating a feminist project, but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked through the zine and saw, in the recommended websites page, this very blog. And then we felt really, really guilty for not updating in, like, two months. Which is why we are back, with lots of plans for interviews and guest bloggers and lots of other things. So thanks, Lash Back ladies, for inadvertently guilting us into action! Thanks also for the wine and delicious snacks, which we ate quite a lot of. And congratulations on the zine. As someone who put together one issue of a zine called Projecto Jane (the name came from a bizarre Mary Poppins-related sisterly in-joke) back in 1993 with my sister, and never did anything with it, I am very impressed by your successful foray into DIY publishing.

By the way, the first page of Projecto Jane featured a list of Things We Love and Things We Hate. I remember that in the ‘Love’ section we included both Hancock’s Half Hour and ‘Her Jazz’ by Huggy Bear. A combination which still kind of sums up my cultural tastes.

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Magazines Matter

Things have been a bit quiet over the last week or so here at the Anti-Room, for various reasons, so sorry about that – we are all still alive, just very busy! But not too busy to raise awareness of some other female pop-culture junkies in their hour of need. The excellent and entertaining “feminist response to pop culture” Bitch Magazine is in financial trouble and looking for donations.“>I’ve been reading the magazine for about ten years now, and while I don’t always agree with every writer, I always really enjoy the way Bitch analyses, criticises and, yes, praises various portrayals of women in pop culture, from ads to TV shows to the internet.
It’s not as frothy as Bust, which I’ve been reading for about the same length of time, and yes, there are times when it can be a wee bit po-faced, but it’s always smart, readable, thought provoking and interesting, and I’m really glad it’s still around – over the last few years, some of the biggest and most important print zines like Punk Planet have bit the dust because of rising production costs. Much as I love reading stuff on the internet (and I’ve been reading content-driven sites since I discovered the awesome Blair back in 1996), there’s something special about holding an actual magazine in your hands. Bust and Bitch are the only magazines that I actually hang onto these days instead of throwing them into the recycling tub (weirdly enough, in my teens and college days, when I had far less money, I bought way more magazines, and kept almost all of them, which is why every single issue of the NME, Select, the Face and Vogue between 1991 and about 1997 are still under the bed and dressing table of my old boudoir in my parents house).

So if you want to support independent media in general and one of the few magazines that treat women with respect and encourage them to look critically at the way they’re depicted in the media, then give the Bitch ladies a fiver.

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