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Lost by Lost

lostI have stuck with Lost through five loooonnng, teeth-gritting series and have very nearly excommunicated myself from the Lost faith several times. So far, Season Five has really been living up to expectations, but it must be said, it is even more head-frying than usual. You have to watch it with someone else in the room so that if you miss a key plot element, reference to past shows/characters or visual metaphor (and there’s no bloody shortage of them on the programme, let’s face it), you’ve got someone to poke in the ribs for an instant explanation, and vice versa.

10 questions I have about Lost so far:

1) After six episodes this seasons, what year are they in?

2) What happened to Ben? (He was all bloodied and wearing a sling on the plane)

3) Who’s the Asian dude who commiserated with Jack at the airport about Locke and was also on the plane?

4) Why is Sayid in cuffs and being escorted by a cop?

5) What did Kate do with Aaron?

6) Why is Jack’s granddad being introduced after, um, a gazillion episodes?

7) How did the Dharma Initiative even find out there was a time-travelling island?

8. Why the hell is Frank Lapidis flying the plan?

9) Why did Hurley have a guitar case with him?

10) Why is Jin wearing a Dharma jumpsuit?

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