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It’s raining meh…..

I have stumbled upon a rather intriguing thought in my hungover state. I think I’ve figured out exactly why Irish people are so consumed with apathy. It’s the poxy weather’s fault!

Here, we don’t experience a change of the seasons per se – winter is getting warmer and summer is just getting wetter – so in a way, we’re not really afforded the impetus to make changes in our own lives. Elsewhere, the summer starts and people are inspired to overhaul their own lives. But here the weather is always just….weather. And everything in life sort of stays the same. Don’t kill me for this generalisation, but I think as a nation we’re becoming more complacent, passive and lazy by the day. Either way, now you know what to blame when you can’t get your arse to the gym.

Seriously though chapesses, having to deal with the onset of SAD in July is a fucking joke. Adding insult to injury, there are no boys around to have (very) sexy kisses with in the rain. Arse.

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