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So, all this talk of Liz Phair’s album yesterday got me thinking about her song ‘Fuck And Run’. Romantically speaking, I don’t think there is anything worse than the feeling of someone edging you out of their gaff after a night of passion. Unless that is the feeling of trying to get rid of someone from your own gaff after a night of passion.

Liz Phair’s song details all the excuses that we come up with to make an awful situation better – I’ve a lot of work to do today; you should call me… sometime. There are lots of great things about one-night stands but there are lots of bad things too, such as the morning after awkwardness, and, of course, the ‘walk of shame,’ the cringe-making journey back to your own place with flaking make-up, panda eyes, inappropriate evening dress in the cold light of morning and catty breath. *Shudder*.

We’ve all been there. Right?

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