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Bloody Hell

Great minds think alike, and all that: the new issue of Bust arrived through my letter box yesterday, and in it was a little piece about Mon.thly.info, which I wrote about at the weekend (and if you’re interested, and I assume you’re not, was totally accurate yet again – thanks, Mon.thly.info!). Why I am mentioning this here? Because I’m so jealous that I didn’t think of their brilliant headline for the piece: There Will Be Blood.

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Shout Out to Auntie Flo

Why the internet has made our lives better, part ten zillion: Mon.thly.info, a site that helps you to keep track of Auntie Flo, the Red Menace, and whatever other insane euphemisms you can think of for your periods. Just register at Mon.thly.info, tell the site when your last couple of periods started, and it’ll figure out your cycle and send you a helpful reminder a couple of days before the next one is due – you’ll never be caught short without protection again! If they get it wrong, you can put in the date the period started and as time goes on the site can build up an accurate picture of your menstrual cycle Obviously, if your cycle is totally irregular, it’s not going to be much use, but if, like me, your innards stick to a pretty strict clock, it’s great, and it’s a handy record of your cycle too. I registered a few months ago, and it’s been 100% accurate so far; I usually have a general idea of when my period’s due, but I never make a note of it, so this is genuinely useful. And the arrival of the reminder mail can be a relief if you’ve been feeling like a sulky, moody wench for a couple of days – your life isn’t actually shit, you’re just pre-menstrual!

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