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Marxist Spice

So it turns out that Victoria Beckham is the great-great-great-granddaughter of one of Marx’s best chums.

Not exactly Das Kapital, now, is it?

Not exactly Das Kapital, now, is it?

Carl Pfänder fled to England after taking part in the failed German revolution of 1848 and worked as a painter. Historian Hans Müller discovered Posh’s connection to the old comrade when researching the latter’s English exile and has confirmed the connection with the star’s mother. What would Marx say about his old pal’s über-capitalist great-great-great-granddaughter? He probably wouldn’t be too happy she’d aquired the nickname Posh, for one. Although of course, when it came to his own daughters, Marx was keen for them to be traditional girlie middle-class ladies and they were educated as such (not that that worked), so maybe he wouldn’t have minded too much?

Also, I love the fact that I just tagged this entry with both ‘Victoria Beckham’ and ‘Karl Marx’. I’m afraid I’ll never get to do that again…

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