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Snidely goes Cabaret

Nevermind the fact that a gay man who claims a gypsy mother would find little favour with the Hitler he professes to love, that there was plenty of room on those cattle cars for folks who weren’t Jewish.  John Galliano’s rabid anti-Semitic outburst was a vehicle to attack women for being ‘ugly.’

Galliano’s point as a man who made millions in fashion was the women on the receiving end of nasty tantrums were ‘ugly,’ had no style and should therefore be exterminated.  If that’s the case, Galliano should have taken a look-see in the mirror.  His personal style is not only ugly, it’s uninspired, derivative,  a mere imitation of the original cheesed-out figure he decided to mimic.  Nearly half the results on a google image search feature Galliano as a lesser-than Mickey Rourke ( not from the PYT era of the actor’s former screen credits , such as Angel Heart, either).  The sure-fire way to tell them apart is by the absence of a little dog in tow (R.I.P Loki!).  There are scores of photographs where Galliano appears as hybrid copy of Axl Rose, Bret Michaels and Kid Rock.  Nary a fashion plate in the bunch, I might add.

Axl? Bret?

He attempts impersonations from the film Cabaret, Snidely Whiplash and Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow.  Galliano even throws second-rate shades of Lafayette from True Blood in front of the camera.

We’ve all witnessed this type of creepy dude, one who shreds women for the least imperfection while they rate as an unmitigated aesthetic disaster.

Jack Sparrow with extra grease?

Dude, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Lafayette would totally rock this in the garden

Oops.  Too late.

Galliano channels Mickey Rourke

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