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BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – who could ask for anything more? Great presenters, intelligent interviewing, topics ranging from politics to painting to packed lunches to popular science. Love it. Last week alone: why you don’t really need to drink three litres of branded mineral water a day, a new book about Catherine of Aragon, false teeth, whether a tidy house matters, an exhibition on the history of the Royal Ballet, another highlighting the Ciudad Juarez murders, the future of Aung San Suu Kyi.

And last week too an interview with, and live performance by, Hollie McNish, a poet and playwright. Now, McNish was complete news to me, never heard a whisper from her before, but her Woman’s Hour interview intrigued me, so here she is with what you might call a battle hymn of the republic. May be wise to pop a pair of thick earmuffs on any under-twelves lurking nearby, though if they’ve got Now That’s What I Call Music 74, they’ve probably heard these words before.

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