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Spoonful of Zucker

Whether you can understand German or not, you’ll appreciate Frl. Zucker’s cute blog, and in particular her lovely zine/art project My Girlgang, a celebration of female friendship in both Deutsch and English. frl zuckerFrl. Zucker, aka Maren, and her chums love Chuck Bass, small animals, Bjork, and lots of other things. Most of the blog is in English, and it’s all full of cute, strange artwork – it’s a sweet little slice of youthful German indie feminism (more of which in a future post), and I’ve already bought one of her bags

ETA: The bag arrived from Berlin this morning and it is already my favourite mála. Which is saying something, because, as my spouse can confirm, I have a LOT of bags.

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blogawards1Being the modest souls that we are, it didn’t occur to us to mention that we made the shortlist for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards. They take place tonight in Cork, and sadly none of us will be there, mainly because we didn’t think we’d make the shortlist. We’d like to say a big thank you to all those lovely judges who voted for us, and to our fellow nominees, the brilliant Blather.net, the ever up-to-date Dublin Blog, A Tangled Web and the excellent The Blog Pound (who must be favourites for the gong).

We’d like to wish all the nominees in every category tonight the very best of luck, particularly to some of our favourites, including Medbh, Annie, Fustar, Fatmammycat, Rick (who’s also the host), Beaut.ie, Red Mum, On the Record, Suzy, Ginger Pixel, Lottie and Fiona.

Thanks also to Grandmaster Mulley who organises this whole shebang.

And if all that isn’t enough to swell our heads, Shane Hegarty has mentioned us in today’s Irish Times as one of ’20 of Ireland’s most essential blogs’. Huzzah!

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Kermit Bale

Christian Bale. Kermit the Frog. Who knew they were kindred spirits?
totally hilarious (and slightly insane) gallery of images that proves Kermit and Christian have a lot in common just gets funnier and funnier as it goes on….

Link via Jezebel.

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We got nominated! For several Irish Blog Awards! Thanks to whoever nominated us for Best Arts and Culture Blog, Best Group Blog and Best Newcomer. You are all too, too kind. Vielen Dank!

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No, we haven’t gone away – thanks Gray for the comment here – we’re busy gals here at TAR and have had way too many distractions of late, but we’ll be back on track soon. And let’s face it, blogging is one those cheap-as-chips activities that we all need now that recession has hit and we’re a hair’s breadth away from tipping into Dickens’ like society. Yes, it’s all economic misery and the only person who seems happy about it is George Lee: the man has never had so much air time on RTE. From Fanny Mae to Freddy Mac (I thought they were porn stars when their names were first mentioned) to massive US Treasury bailouts, it’s all gone very ration book and 1980’s Russia around here.

So there I was poking around the interweb when I discovered that Paddy Power are running a book called “We Predict A Riot”. Sadly this is nowt to do with speculation as to when the abysmal Kaiser Chiefs will split up, but something completely different. Yes kids, you can bet on the following:

What will be the first major City to riot due to economic factors/influences?

New York is the current favourite with 9-4 odds, with Dublin running a very respectable 7-1. Enterprising, wacky or poor taste? You decide.

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One month ago today, the Anti-Room was born. So we’d like to thank everyone who’s joined us so far for reading, for commenting so thoughtfully and politely, for linking to us, and for generally rocking. Here’s to many more months!

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It’s a grim day weather-wise in Dublin, one that looks more like November than, ahem, summer, so I’m amusing myself by poking around totallylookslike.com and spitting my tea at the computer in laughter. First up Donatella Versace and that girl musician from the Muppets band:

I also like Public Enemy’s clock-wearing bad boy and a Jekyll-like Gremlin:

And the one that made me laugh so much a tiny bit of pee came out, James Hetfield from Metallica and the Cowardly “put ’em up, put ’em up!” Lion from the The Wizard of Oz.

Feel better now?

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