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As a gale howls outside my door, I’m already drifting into hibernation mode, grumbling about the summer failing to appear and digging out a polo neck jumper to wear today. Given Honoria’s ‘switch it off’ post yesterday and an idea that arose in the comments section of this post, I’m proposing an Anti-Room bookclub – anyone can join in – to get us curled up in our abodes with a classic, blankets, tea and biccies over winter. Have no idea how this will work, but here’s a suggestion to kick about. How about meeting up online at TAR, at a specific time, maybe every two months? Your suggestions/feedback on the following would be appreciated.

- How often should it be held? Every two months?

- Should we stick to the classics (19th century and further back) or expand it out into Modern Classics (Virago type books, classic 20th century reads)?

- How do we select the books? Should contributors take turns or should we bung in a load of suggestions and have a vote?

- Is everyone happy enough to meet up online here at a designated date and time to have a discussion?

- Suggest our first book.

Feedback, ideas, suggestions, s’il vous plait!

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