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Brace Yourself

Brave? Stupid? Or a bit of both? Today, at the ripe old age of almost-27, I’m having a brace fitted on my top teeth.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Shane McGowan – but my teeth are something that have bothered me for many years. I’ve never had completely straight teeth, not since my one of my adult teeth decided to grow faster than its baby counterpart was ready leave the comfort of my mouth, and consequently, developed slightly wonky. A New Year’s Resolution that I’ve made for as many Januarys that I can remember is finally coming to fruition.

The reaction of people when I told them I’m getting braces has been either a) “Braces? But you don’t need braces” (usually uttered by someone with perfect gnashers) b) “I had braces when I was younger, you’ll be grand”  or c) “Fair play to you” (more…)

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