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If you’ve ever pondered the hows, whys and ‘what?!’s of menstrual cups, then you may find plenty of food for thought in this short video produced by student Vanessa Meyers for her Masters degree.

The beginning is a bit odd but stick with it for a discussion about why some women use menstrual cups, the questions women have about using them, and why some women would rather not use one. It’s a discussion that doesn’t just end with this video – have you used a menstrual cup? Would you? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons? What is the best form of dealing/living with your period for you?

In Ireland, the most readily available cup is the Mooncup, which is manufactured in the UK and made from medical-grade silicone. I’ve seen it in health food shops and indeed bought my own one a few years ago. If you’d rather purchase online, you can choose from Mooncup, Diva cup, or The Keeper just to name a few. All of the sites have lots of information on how to use the cups so if you’re at all interested, it’s easy to have a read about them and see how they differ.

I love that the video emphasises choice – women can choose what they do when they have their period. It’s not about making a ‘better’ choice than someone else, but making the best choice for you. As the Mooncup is environmentally friendly, extremely cheap, body-friendly and easy to use once you get the hang of it, I certainly don’t see myself tiring of it anytime soon. But like tampons, pads or cotton/reusable pads, it’s not for everyone.

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