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There are songs that seem made for certain seasons. As I commented back when Sinead posted about the songs of summer, Tim Buckley’s ‘Buzzin’ Fly’ always makes me think of lazy summer days and smoky summer nights. The legendary 100% Dynamite albums that collect some of the best Jamaican ska, dub and dancehall tracks of the 1960s and ’70s sound best when the sun is splitting the stones. And this summer I found myself listening to Best Coast’s hazy indie-pop and Sleigh Bells’ raucous noise. But as Autumn has, slowly but surely, started to seep its way into this year, I’ve found myself listening to music that seems made for falling leaves, cold, bright skies and woolly blankets. There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to listen to music that’s a little bit melancholy, but still sweet. Recently I’ve been slightly obsessed with the recently released debut album by the British duo Smoke Fairies, which begins with a song called, aptly, ‘Summer Fades’, which is a perfect Autumnal song. You can hear and see a (pretty good) live version here:

My other current musical obsession is the forthcoming debut album from another all-female band, Warpaint, which is absolutely amazing but not exactly jolly. I can’t find any videos for the new stuff, but here’s a typically forlorn yet lovely song from last year’s Exquisite Corpse e.p.

Nor can I stop listening to Danish singer-songwriter and pianist Agnes Obel’s gorgeous debut album, full of Satie-esque piano lines and chord progressions so beautiful and perfect they almost hurt. I have to ration my listens to this album because every time it finishes I want to hear it again.

And as well as those new releases, I’ve also been craving Shirley and Dolly Collins’s legendary early ’70s folk albums, which I tend to listen to a lot during the colder months. The gorgeously spectral Love, Death and the Lady is one of my favourite albums ever. If you like weird old folk music with strangely modern piano arrangements, you will love it.

That said, I’ve also been doing a lot of booty-shaking around the kitchen to the new Mark Ronson album, so it’s all not wistful ladies around here. Sometimes you have to deal with the impending winter of our discontent by dancing like a loon. And ‘Bang Bang Bang’ is pretty much a perfect pop song, if, like me, you love old school hip- hop (Q-Tip!!!!) and electro-pop with minor chords.

What are you listening to this Autumn, and do you find yourself craving different music at different times of the year?

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