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trimble1Our post on Sunday about Gail Trimble being judged on her looks and criticised for being clever has chalked up huge traffic. Most of this is due to google searches, and the terms people used that brought them to this site. The results offer a pithier snapshot of opinion on Trimble and once again focus on the negative and on her appearance.

The list:

“gail trimble sexy”

“gail trimble bitch” (a lot of this)

“gail trimble naked”

“gail trimble smug bitch”

“I hate gail trimble”

“gail trimble nuts”

gail trimble very sexy with a gorgeous smile”

“fuck Trimble” (this could be someone who doesn’t like the former First Minister of Northern Ireland, but I’m guessing not, given the timing)

gail trimble annoying”

“gail trimble crappy”

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