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node3So apparently NASA want you to name Node 3, a new part that is due to be added to the International Space Station. All sounds terribly easy, particularly as they give you several options and the chance to submit your own. You can choose from the rather dull ‘Earthrise’ (sounds like a space age alarm clock), ‘Venture’ (too internet business-y), ‘Serenity’ (must be some Joss Wheedon fans in there) or Legacy (meh, boring). Or there’s the opportunity to use your own imagination… which coud be very interesting if you read up on what Node 3 will consist of. The showers and bathroom will be housed there and it will also contain:

“A Water Recovery System (WRS) and Urine Processor Assembly (UPA), which take waste water from the station’s shower and toilets and purify it, separating any contaminants and making it safe for the crew to drink.”

What’s that now? A place to purify pee? That will then be treated and drank again? Holy kidney purification Batman!

Not only does that sound altogether icky, I’m only hoping that some bright sparks will draw on this information as inspiration for Node 3’s new name. No doubt the powers that be will go for something named after a letter from the Greek alphabet or something from mythology, but I’ve already helpfully thought of some names. Here’s my shortlist.

1) Captain’s Bog
2) Dionypiss (you know, like the Greek God)
3) Instead of pinching Joss Wheedon’s ‘Serenity’ title – call it ‘Weed-on’ after the man himself.

Any more suggestions? Indulge me, it’s Friday and I’m feeling juvenile and scatalogical.

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