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The Veet Bush post got me thinking about body hair. I’m currently rocking some very hairy legs. Before Christmas I decided I was going to stop shaving my legs because it’s a pain in the bum. No wait. That sounds like a grand feminist statement, which would be misleading. I stopped shaving my legs in order to grow the hair, so I could then wax it off, which would mean no more shaving every odd day.julia-roberts-arm

The thing is, it’s been months now and I’ve kind of forgotten about waxing my legs. It hasn’t really affected my life in any negative way, so I’m kind of putting it off for a while whilst walking around on fuzzy pins.

Last week, I was round at a friend’s house for dinner and the subject of body hair came up.  She’s French and told me she only started shaving her pits when she came to Ireland. French women don’t shave their armpits. I’m thinking, ‘wow, AND you guys have more sex too.’ So if French men and women don’t mind, why should Irish men and women? Ninnies.

For some people, hairiness is a deal-breaker though. Remember all the nonsense that went on when Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore flaunted their hairy pits on the red carpet? How dare they soil the sanctity of the red carpet!

I personally think if you’re in the sack with someone and you pull off your keks to reveal hairy legs they’d shrug and carry on. It’s not a deal-breaker for me. Although recently another friend was turned off when she discovered (all too late) that a guy had shaved his nethers (isn’t that tricky and dangerous?) and his armpits. Why do people get so upset about body hair? Is it all just crazy social conditioning?

I always remember when I was a child my mother always had hairy pits. She never shaved and never looked gross. In fact, she always looked kind of cool.

I’m thinking I might experiment and stop shaving the pits too. Who knows, next time you see me, I might even have a ‘tache.

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