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Deflower Power

I will not rest until I get my own copy of this incredibly awesome book, which someone at Found Objects has kindly scanned in its entirety. Published in 1965, The Recently Deflowered Girl is a parody of etiquette guides, and offers advice on how to handle a wide variety of virginity-losing situations. Whether you first slept with a marimba player, a bell-boy, or the ghost of Rudolph Valentino, Hyacinthe Phypps will tell you what to say. Why is this book so wonderful? Well, it’s obviously kind of hilarious, and I love the fact that all these ladies deal with their “deflowering” with such nonchalance, but I particularly adore it because it was illustrated by the legendary Edward Gorey, whose distinctive style has been shamelessly ripped off by a myriad modern illustrators. I have loved Gorey since I discovered a copy of Amphigorey in Drumcondra library in about 1992 (what an American book by a then-little-known-here illustrator was doing in Drumcondra library, I have no idea), but I was totally unaware that this book existed. Hurrah for the internet!
Link via Jezebel.

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Bridal Show

As you might recall, I’m not exactly a fan of the wedding industry and the whole “every single woman is a crazy bridezilla waiting to happen!” thing. bridewarsposterWhich is why (a) I will not be going to see the awful looking Bride Wars and (b) I loved Dodai on Jezebel’s post (based on this piece in the Washington Post about the dreadful way brides are portrayed on film).

These movies are never about love, or how a man and a woman have decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and long to celebrate this decision with their closest friends and family. These flicks are always about how the female brain goes haywire when she gets a “big day” to be the center of attention.

So true. Which is why this weekend I’ll be curled up on the couch rewatching His Girl Friday and wondering why there were better roles for women in 1940 than in 2009.

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