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If, like me, you are tired of all the recent magazine and newspaper articles telling rich people about “fun” ways to survive the recession, you’ll enjoy Sadie Stein’s deliciously snarky riposte over at Jezebel.

Don’t Be A Moron:Basically, all of these tips can fit under this heading. “Live the way most of us do already” would be another good one. But since we all really enjoy frugality tips from rich people, please, keep patronizing us. It’s a form of free entertainment we’ve been onto for years!

So true! If I read another piece telling me that it’s actually possible to take the bus into town on a night out rather than a taxi, or that you can eat out without spending €100 a head, my bus-riding, Yamamori-eating self will have a(nother) tantrum. And frankly, I’ve had too many this week already.

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