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How can something so cute be such a time vacuum?

How can something so cute be such a time vacuum?

Phew! My internet was dead for a whole ten days last week and it felt like part of me was dead too. I still had access in my job, but it didn’t feel like enough. At the same time, all of a sudden my life didn’t feel as bitty as when I have internet access, if that makes sense. My evenings stretched out in front me as I pondered what I might do to pass the time – read a book? Watch a film? Go for a walk? The thought of hours and hours of unoccupied time scared me a little. Usually, when I’m with internet, my computer is constantly on in the evenings and I’ll go back and forth to it in between doing other things. So I’ll prepare some dinner, have a browse of some forums while that’s cooking, eat some dinner whilst watching a Frasier, think of something, put dinner down, run across to the puter, check what I wanted to check, come back, finish dinner and Frasier, mooch around, check some more websites, listen to some podcasts. All through the evening, the computer acts as a magnetic pole that I return to. Before I know it, it’s 12.30am and time for bed.

Since the internet has been back, I’ve felt less tempted to turn it on in the evenings, because of how it eats into my time. I just got me wondering, if there are many people in this day and age who don’t have internet access at home and if so, what are their evenings like. What if you only used internet for email (work-related and during working hours)? Would you be a more productive person? Would you be happier?

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