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Whenever I discover that a celebrity happily describes him or herself as a feminist, I always like them a bit more. In fact, sometimes (like in the case of the wonderful gentleman pictured below) I don’t think I could love a celebrity any more than I already do, and then they go and take part in the Fawcett Society’s This Is What A Feminist Looks Like Campaign, full of people who haven’t been scared off by a century’s worth of demonisation of the f-word.

I love you, Bill Bailey!

I love you, Bill Bailey!

So I really like the video that the Feminist Majority Foundation put out a few months ago in which a mixture of celebs – including Larry David, Allison Janney, Rob Reiner, Kate Walsh, Michael Moore, America Ferrera and some of her Ugly Betty co-stars – and non-celebs declare their feminism. Yes, it’s very feminism-for-beginners, and don’t get me started on how annoying it is that people STILL have to say “I’m a feminist – but I wear make-up and I don’t hate men!” But, you know, they’re also saying that they can present themselves whatever way they want, and I don’t think this video is really aimed at someone like me who has been aware of feminism for pretty much all of her life – kind of like Jessica Valenti‘s Full Frontal Feminism, which I found a bit boring because it was, well, feminism for beginners, but which my younger sister and her mates (most of whom weren’t particularly political about women’s issues before) really loved. There are a lot of cool people in that video, and unlike a lot of other “non-threatening” presentations of feminism they’re not all white, or straight, or female, and they’re certainly not all girly and wearing make-up, and I think it’s really sweet. It makes me smile.

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