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A 22 year old Russian woman’s boss locked her out of the office when she refused to have sex with him. And although only two women in Russia have ever successfully brought sexual harrassment suits against their employers, she bravely took him to court. But not only did she lose, the judge ruled that her pervy old harrasser was actually just looking out for the future of Russia, saying, “If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children.” Well, there’s this fun thing called consensual sex which also produces children, but apparently old Judgey there hasn’t heard of that. Basically, modern Russia is not a good place to be a woman: the country has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. Yeah, I know this is depressing, and it’s happening all over the world, not just in Russia, so if you haven’t already, why not go and join Amnesty International or Equality Now and try to do something about it?

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Under the Skin

Annoyed and downright confused by the amount of stuff labeled “skin coloured” that are clearly only the colour of white people’s skin? So are the people behind a new project.

Skin Coloured is intended to be a collaborative, visual exploration of what it is to be non-white in a white culture. Make-up, plasters and tights – even when they’re marked “flesh-coloured” – are not the colour of skin that isn’t white. And whilst white women may have trouble matching these items to their skin, for women who don’t class themselves as white, this inconvenience is symptomatic of a wider problem.

To help illustrate this problem, therefore, Skin Coloured is looking for submissions. Send us photographs that illustrate the inadequacy of provisions for non-white people, and we’ll post them on the blog, and hopefully both those submitting, and those who’re here to learn, will gain something from it.

Further information can be found here. Please help us by reposting this.

Even formerly pasty, monocultural Ireland now has a sizeable non-white population. So why are lots of things, from tights to plasters, presented as if white is the norm? The next time you see something else beige described as generic “skin colour”, you know where to go.

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It’s a bank holiday and I’m in work; how is that fair? Stepping briefly away from the accounts I’m supposed to be wading through this morning, I came across this interview with Joan Rivers. Ah Joan Rivers, how I love thee. The first time I saw Joan Rivers live I went into a laughing fit that turned into a bit of a panic attack when I realised I was laughing so convulsively that I couldn’t breathe. Although the second time I saw her I was disappointed that she cut her show short to make it to the Late Late Show on time.

Reading this interview with a bit of a head on me after last night and a bit of a fatalistic attitude after the last few weeks, Joan put me in a good mood. Her career advice is ‘Say ‘Yes’ to everything.’ It’s always been my philosophy too, although it was Claire Rayner who first gave me the idea. She said, say yes first and if you change your mind later you can always say no. BUT if you say no first, you can’t change your mind later and say yes.

Good advice I’ve always thought and it hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

The other good piece of advice I thought Joan had to offer in this piece was embroidered on a cushion: “I need a man to spoil me or I don’t need a man at all.”

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