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I meant to post about this earlier this week but didn’t get time, what with one very late night this week leaving me on the back foot and a lot of work on as well.

But there was a story in the papers this week about a young model, excuse me glamour model, called Claire Tully who wanted to donate the money she will raise from the reality programme Failte Towers to a breast cancer charity. Breast cancer was close to Claire’s heart as both her mam and granny had suffered from it. An obvious choice for Claire then. 

But the breast cancer charity didn’t want her money. In fact, three breast cancer charities snubbed the money. Why? Because they didn’t want to be associated with a glamour model?  Because that might taint the image of breast cancer charities as being made up of cutesy things like cookies, pink ribbons and pretty bumper stickers for your car?

This story really pissed me off. I’ve had no immediate experience of breast cancer, so please forgive me if I’m not getting the full picture here, but isn’t the point of breast cancer charities to raise money for research to help cure those who suffer from it? And isn’t money money? Surely the breast cancer charities don’t get to say no to money just because they don’t agree with the career choice of the person giving it? The newspapers said Claire Tully’s €5,000 donation is the equivalent of selling 5,000 of those little pink pins they sell on the street.

I found it hard to convince myself that the breast cancer charities would have turned down the €5,000 had it come from Jordan/Katie Price, even though she too started as a glamour model.


The Mayo based Rock Chicks have decided Claire’s money is good enough for them. But how must Claire Tully be feeling about it all? Pretty gutted I’d say.

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