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Some day soon I will post at length about my abiding love for feminist boy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon (bet you can’t wait). But in the meantime, I must link to his latest glorious creation, an online musical entitled Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog.
Made to alleviate their picket-line boredom during the TV writers’ strike by Whedon, his brothers, and some of their friends, it’s the story of Dr Horrible, played by none other than the former Doogie Howser M.D. Neil Patrick Harris, and his quest to both get into the Evil League of Evil and win the heart of the cute girl in his local laundrette. And it is brilliant – very funny (the letter from the League’s leader Bad Horse is a particular highlight), strangely charming and, like the amazing Buffy musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’, filled with catchy tunes. I have kind of loved NPH since his awesome turn in Harold and Kumar, and I think I might love him even more now. Whedon alumnus Nathan Fillion also stars as Dr Horrible’s cheesy nemesis (and love rival) Captain Hammer. Why isn’t Nathan Fillion a huge star? He’s brilliant. And as we know now, he can sing while posing on a moving van.

The whole thing is being posted online in three free installments – parts one and two are now available, and the grand finalé will be up on Saturday. After Sunday, it’ll no longer be free but can be purchased from iTunes (and a DVD – apparently containing a totally sung commentary – will be available later this year). What with this, the ongoing Buffy Season 8 comic, and the upcoming TV series Dollhouse, Mr Whedon is really spoiling us…

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How do I love thee, Mark Kermode? Let me count the ways: one, for your slight but sexy 1950’s quiff, two for your skiffle band membership or three for that gigantic brain of yours… Mostly though, I adore him for his on-the-money film critiques, and even though I often disagree with his reviews (he hates all the Star Wars films – unforgiveable!), the way he makes his arguments are pretty convincing. In this case, he resorts to putting on a Swedish accent to convince us. I give you Kermode’s recent Mamma Mia! review from Five Live on BBC Radio, where he refers to Meryl Streep as ‘Muriel Strepsil’, and compares her ABBA singing style to Peter Sellers doing Lawrence Olivier doing ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.

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